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Bộ điều khiển IFS110IM-5/1/1T

Bộ điều khiển IFS110IM-5/1/1T đại lý IFS110IM-5/1/1T | krom IFS110IM-5/1/1T | nhà phân phối IFS110IM-5/1/1T Burner control IFS110IM-5/1/1T Kromschroder IFS 110IM-5/1/1T,84621630 A.1209-006267 84367020 Type:IFS 110IM-5/1/1T,The safety time on start-up tSA = 5 s >350kw gas burner Input Voltage:230VAC 50/60Hz bộ điều khiển IFS258-3-5-10/1R | đại lý IFD454-10/1/1T | nhà phân …

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Van gas VGP 20 R01W6

Van gas VGP 20 R01W6 VGP15R02W6 VGP20R01W6 VGP25R02W6 VG25R02NT31D VG40/32R02NT31DMV VG40R02NT33DMVZ VG50R02NT33DMVZ VG65F02NT33DMVZ VG80F02NT33DM VG100F02NT33DM VG40/33R10NT33 VG50/39R10NT33 VG65/49R10NT33 VG40/33F10NT33 VG50/39F10NT33 VG65/49F10NT33 VG8R18T6 VG15/12R18NT31 VG25/15R18NT31 VG15R03NT31DMVZ VG20R03NT31DMVZ VG25R03NT31DMVZ VG40/32R02NT31DMVZ VG40R03NT33DMVZ VG50R03NT33DMVZ VG50F03NT33DMVZ VG65F02NT33DMVZ VG15R03LT31DMVZ VG20R03LT31DMVZ VG25R03LT31DMVZ VG40/32R02LT31DMVZ VG40R03LT33DMVZ VG50R03LT33DMVZ VG50F03LT33DMVZ VG65F02LT33DMVZ VG40/33R10NQ33 VG50/39R10NQ33 VG65/49R10NQ33 VAS110R/NW VAS115R/NW VAS120R/NW VAS125R/NW VAS225R/NW VAS232R/NW VAS240R/NW …

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Rơ le Kromschroder IFW 15T-N

Rơ le Kromschroder IFW 15T-N đại lý IFW 15T-N | nhà phân phối IFW 15T-N | rơ le ngọn lửa IFW 15T-N Features potential-free contacts and an integrated ON lamp Add to IFS 110IM for use in multiburner control applications Lets your PLC know when flame is present Output Voltage …

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